Red Show

The 24 attractions of the Festival are divided into two electing shows, called Blue and Red, the semi-finals, which are totally different. While the artists are acting, they are rated by a jury of directors of leading circuses who decide the official event awards.

Big Tent installed on the Camp de Mart – La Devesa in Girona

Friday, 19th February at 5.30pm and 9pm

Sunday, 21st February at 11.30am, 4pm and 7.30pm
Monday, 22nd February at 5.30pm – AUDIENCE’S DAY

Duration: 2h45’ with intermission

Genís Matabosch
, ringmaster

Orchestra Paris Circus directed by Pierre Pichaud
Grand Parade with the participation of all the artists from 12 countries



Grand Final with all the artists of the show


The Festival Tent is a space reserved for nonsmokers. Any sound or video recording of the show is forbidden. For artists’s safety and respect for the spectators, the use of flash is not allowed. The Organization Committee reserves the right to modify the program in case the circumstances require it without losing its quality.