Winners 2017

Dalí’s Gold Elephants
Acrobatic Quartet by Prilepin. 
Acrobatic voltige (Russia)

Xinjiang Prod. and Construction Acrobatic Troupe. Balancing / Unicycles (China)
Troupe Grechushkin. Tumbling (Rússia)

Dalí’s Silver Elephants
Hebei Acrobatic Troupe.
 Balancing on ladder (China)

Duo Cabaret. Aerial laces (Ukraine)
Alexander Lichner & Donoban Rodríguez. Aerial straps (Spain and El Salvador)

Dalí’s Bronze Elephants
Vladislava Naraieva. Hand balancing (Ukraine)

Evgeny Komisarenko. Agility Dogs (Russia)
Trio Trilogy. Acrobatic Trio (Ethiopia)

Prize of the Critical Jury
Asel Saralaeva.
 Agility Cats (Russia) 

Prize of the Critical Jury
Hooligang Acrobatic Troupe. Acrobatic voltige (Russia) 

Audience Prize
Duo Medel. Hand to hand (Mexico)