Prizes and Juries

Of Gold, Silver and Bronce, the Elephants of Dalí’s inspiration are the Official Prizes of the Festival.
© Image rights reserved, Fundació Gala Salvador Dalí Figueres 2019/20.

While the invited circus attractions act in front of the spectators, they are being evaluated by the members of a jury composed by circus professionals who travel to Girona to fulfill their tasks. The 15 members of the Festival’s jury are divided in three sections depending on their own profile:

» Jury and Official Awards > Under the guidance of the Jury’s President, a variety of distinguished personalities of the circus world come together: directors of some of the most well-known circuses and festivals. These ten are responsible for the final decision of the grant of the official trophies of the Festival: the gold, silver and bronze Dalí inspired Elephants. 

Official Jury:

» Image and Critical Jury Award > With the name of Image and Critical Jury, eight of the most important people of the circus world meet. They are researchers, analysts, editing managers of the main specialized magazines, historians… and also the best specialized photographers of the moment. This Jury values mainly the plasticity and aesthetics of every act. They are responsible for the Image and Critical Award decision.

Critics Jury:

Image Jury:

» Public Award > At the Circus Festival each and every one of the spectators becomes a member of a huge jury thanks to the vote card which is given at the entrance of the facilities and that once fulfilled with the name of their favorite attraction, can be deposited in one of the urns available at the exit of the show.

» Special Awards > Besides the mentioned awards, certain people and important organizations of the sector also give some of their own awards: Carles Navales Award, Toto Price, Nikulin Circus from Moscow-Award, Firebird Productions Award…

– The Official Juries, Image and Critics will be announced during the month of February.
– The list of winners will be published on this website and on the Facebook page of the Festival on Tuesday 18th February 2020 at night, once the representation of the Gold Show is finished, which concludes with the Awards Ceremony.