Gewinner 2020

Dalí’s Gold Elephants
„Closing Eyes“ led by E. Zapashnaya, aerial straps (Russia)

Wesley Williams, high unicycle (USA)

Dalí’s Silver Elephants
Andrey Lyamon, aerial pole (Ukraine)
Jump’N’Roll, teeterboard (Russia)
Anhui Acrobatic Troupe of China, benches balancing (China)

Dalí’s Bronze Elephants
„Gravitation“ led by V. Shcherbakov, group juggling (Russia)

„The Ladder“ led by Troupe Volozhanin, aerial ladder (Russia)
Deserve to Fly, Russian cradle (Russia)

Prize of the Critical Jury
Deserve to Fly, Russian cradle (Russia)

Prize of the Image Jury
Duo Dádiva, acrobatics on rola rola (Cuba)

Prize of the Audience
„Closing Eyes“ led by E. Zapashnaya, aerial straps (Russia)

Special Prize of the Jury
Red Sails, aerial silks (Russia)

Prize Chimelong Circus, Yinchuan Acrobatic Troupe (China)
Prize Capital Circus Kazakhstan, Duo Dádiva (Cuba)
Prize Rosgoscyrk, Wesley Williams (USA)
Prize Firebird Productions, Khorlan (Kazakhstan)
Prize Club du Cirque, Duo Dádiva (Cuba)
Prize Great Moscow State Circus, Yinchuan Acrobatic Troupe (China)
Prize Kharkov State Circus, Khorlan (Kazakhstan)
Prize State Circus Company of Ukraine, Hassak Troupe (Kazakhstan)
Prize Royal Circus by Gia Eradze, Circus Arts Foundation
Prize Circus of Belarus, Andrei Popylovsky (Russia)
Prizes Sakha State Circus, Khorlan and Hassak Troupe (Kazakhstan)
Prize Gomel State Circus, Wesley Williams (USA)
Prize Nikulin Circus, Wesley Williams (USA)
Prize Ruscircus,ru, Wesley Williams (USA)
Prize Musée du Cirque Dr. Alain Frère, Hassak Troupe (Kazakhstan)
Prize China Acrobatics Association, Duo Dádiva (Cuba)
Prize Prodartes, Oksana Awkward (Russia)
Prize Almaty Circus, David Meraz (Mexico)