Gewinner 2016

Dalí’s Gold Elephants
„Qin Warriors“ Wuqiao Arts School of China. 
Unicycles with Ikarian (China)

„Fan Dance“ Sheyang Acrobatic Troupe of China. Head balancing (China)
Troupe Nomuna. Teeterboard and acrobatic voltige (Mongolia)

Dalí’s Silver Elephants
Duo 2-Zen-O.
 Aerial duo on crossed wheel (Canada)

Vladimir Deryabkin. Comedy (Russia)
Golden Dream. Aerial silks (Italy and Spain)

Dalí’s Bronze Elephants
Alexandra Levitskaya. Aerial Hula hoop (Russia)

Idols. Aerial straps (Russia)
Duo Miracle. Acrobatic contortion (Ukraine)

Prize of the Critical Jury
Zhygaltsov Brothers.
 Hand to hand (Ukraine) 

Prize of the Image Jury
Swan Lake. Contortion (Mongolia) 

Audience Prize
„Qin Warriors“ Wuqiao Arts School of China.Unicycles with Ikarian (China)