Artisten 2014

Tatiana Ozhiganova
Aerial straps with concertina | Russia

Group juggling | Russia

Contortion | Mongolia

Duo Smiles
Comedy | Ukraine

Duo Shadows
Hand to hand | Russia

Trapeze | Chile

Oleg Kulaev 
Aerial chain | Russia

Three’s a Charm
Trio Acrobatics | Ukraine

Cao Kai
Rebound juggling | China

Cristian Gómez
Aerial straps | Argentina

Duo Márquez
Fix ladder | Mexico

Ming & Alexa
Aerial straps | China & USA

Dancing in the rain – Flag Circus
Diabolos in group | China

Olimpo’s Brothers
Trio Acrobatics | Brasil

Velasco Brothers
Acrodance | Philippines

Yunnan Acrobatic Troupe
Poles with trampoline | China

High wire | Russia

Catalina Palma
Hand Balancing | Chile

Yunnan Acrobatic Troupe
Meteoras | China

Comedy | Chile

Tra My Trinh
Balancing on aerial silks | Vietnam

Beyond Destiny
Double Korean cradle | Russia

Jordan Mc Knight
Contortion | USA

National Circus of Pyongyang
Russian swing with fix bar | DPR of Korea