Gewinner 2019

Dalí’s Gold Elephants
Martínez Bros, ikarian games (Colombia – Japan)

National Circus of Pyongyang, teeterboard (DPRK)
Mistery of Gentlemen, voltige on balls (Mongolia)

Dalí’s Silver Elephants
Oskar & Danylo, hand to hand (Ukraine)
LunaStorme, aerial ring (USA)
Fujian Acrobatic Troupe of China, lassos (China)
“Moment of Love” per Duo Hien Phuoc, aerial straps (Vietnam)

Dalí’s Bronze Elephants
Denis Degtyarev, aerial pole (Russia)

Opposition led by Troupe Saralaev, aerial perches (Russia)
Virtuo5o Five led by Plotnikov, balancing on flying ladders (Russia)

Prize of the Critical Jury
Mukhamadi Sharifzoda, hand balancing (Tadjikistan)

Prize of the Image Jury
Troupe Krasnov, highwire (Russia)

Prize of the Audience
Martínez Bros, ikarian games (Colombia – Japan)

Honorific Gold Elephant
Carmino d’Angelo, director of the Festival’s orchestra between 2012 and 2018 (France)

Premi Carles Navales, Oskar & Danylo, hand to hand (Ukraine)
Premi Firebird Productions, The Flyers Valencia, wheel of death (Colombia)
Premi Kobzov Circus, LunaStorme, aerial ring (USA)
Premi Club Français du Cirque, LunaStorme, aerial ring (USA)
Premi Musée du Cirque Docteur Alain Frère, Martínez Bros (Colombia – Japan)
Premi Burguscircus, Moment of Love, aerial straps (Vietnam)
Premi Circ Bolshoi de Moscou, Tuga, clown (Chile)
Premi Cirque du Soleil, Denis Degtyarev, màstil aeri (Russia)
Premi, Mukhamadi Sharifzoda, hand balancing (Tadjikistan)
Premi National Circus of Ukraine, Pepe Jardim, clown (Brasil)
Premi Assotiation monegasque des Amis du Cirque, Oskar & Danylo, hand to hand (Ukraine)
Premi China Acrobatics Association, Mademoiselle Di Di, juggling (Russia)
Premi Li Xi Ning, team of the Festival (Catalonia)
Premi Chimelong Circus, Denis Degtyarev, aerial pole (Russia)
Premi Capital Circus of Budapest, Denis Degtyarev, aerial pole (Russia)
Premi Nikulin Circus, Tuga, clown (Chile)
Mongolian Circus Production Erdene, Mukhamadi Sharifzoda, hand balancing (Tadjikistan)