Gewinner 2015

Dalí’s Gold Elephants
National Circus of Pyongyang.
Flying Trapeze (DPRK)
„Watch Dogs“ – Troupe Trushin. Teeterboard (Russia)

Dalí’s Silver Elephants

Yunnan Acrobatic Troupe & Flag Circus.
 Balancing with foot juggling (China)

Troupe Bayramukov. Tumbling (Russia)
Ekaterina Rubtsova & Dmitry Efremkin. Aerial straps (Russia)
You & Me. Chinese pole with straps (Kazakhstan)

Dalí’s Bronze Elephants

Wuhan Acrobatic Troupe. Aerial straps (China)

„Salvador“. Juggling (Bielorussia)
Gustavo Sartori. Aerial silks (Brasil)

Special Prize of the Jury
Troupe Muratov. Cossacks (Russia)

Prize of the Critical Jury
Duo Essence.
 Pole dance (Ukraine) 

Prize of the Image Jury

Alexander Batuev. Contortion (Russia) 

Audience Prize
„Watch Dogs“ – Troupe Trushin. Teeterboard (Russia)